5 presentations about the social web and online trends you shouldn’t miss

There are lots of interesting videos and presentations out there showing the current online trends. Here are five presentations I think should not be missed (+ one extra just for the fun of it). Facebook, Twitter, Google, it’s all here.

Also, when your’re done with these, check out the videos from Web 2.0 Summit, in particular this one with Robert Thomson (The Wall Street Journal), Martin Nisenholtz (NY Times), Eric Hippeau (The Huffington Post) and Marissa Mayer (Google).

1. The Facebook Era
Clara Shis, the author behind the book The Facebook Era, holds and interesting presentation on The Facebook Era and how social structures online open for completely new business opportunities (her presentation is here and the full video is here).

2. Twitter
Evan Williams (CEO of Twitter) is interviewed at Web 2.0 Summit in October 2009. In particular, I like how John Battelle jokes with «revenue model for Twitter … like TweetSense and TweetWords?».

3. Google and Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt (CEO fo Google) interviewed on Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009. My favourite quote is «If you’re Google, everything is a ranking problem». Besides that, the extra interesting stuff starts 23 minutes into the presentation.

4. Google Wave
For people with a lot of time who wonder what Google Wave is, I recommend this presentation of Google Wave at Google I/O in May 2009. For those who wonder, Google Wave want to be the next e-mail.

5. What the f**k is Social Media?
This next presentation is not very new and even not a video. Still, the presentation held by Marta Kaga, a social media guru, is absolutely worth scrolling through. At least it has some nice photos, big numbers and good quotes. Check out Marta’s blog here.

*. The Social Media Guru
After learning so much about social media and the future of the web, I guess most of us want to go out there and act as Social Media Consultants. Here is a nice presentation of how it is being a Social Media Guru.

If you know of any other great presentations, please share them in a comment below.

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